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Ladakh, A place of rocky mountains and dry lands is mind throbbing and exciting. The antiquated town and enchanting people sheltered after this rigid and restricting elevations. After the former outskirts, the forest life and amazing grace of nature inviting the crowd of a young adventurer. The mystical world of Ladakh comprised of wonderful wildlands, magical hills, and calmness of Buddhist religion.

Ladakh is one of the biggest provinces in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. The place is enclosed by the Karakoram mountain range in north direction and Everest in the South. Ladakh is allocated into capital town Nubra, Leh, Zanskar, and Rupshu. Most of the unique things of Ladakh are its mountains, rugged, rocky hills and plains. Ladakh receives around 50mm of rainfall annually and normally comprised of frozen climate and barren land. People confronted with chilled weather throughout the winter but summer becomes glittering due to the beauty of Glaciers melting.

Favorable Time For Ladakh Diary

Ladakh is a region filled with chilliness in winters. The destination encounter summer between April to September which is a suitable time for a perfect journey. In this particular time period, the temperature falls between 20-degree Celsius to 30-degree Celsius. The snow-covered views will make your eyes sparkle like a diamond. Night becomes more loving for families and romantic for couples. You may not find a way to ride a bike in winters.

In summers Srinagar to Leh or Manali to Leh both the routes becomes perfect for a road trip and running vehicles. This is the time when Ladakh finds a crowd in trekkers and travelers. Apart from these activities the spectacular views and adventurous activities are breathtaking experiences.

Ladakh receives very less rainfall. In the winter from November to March the destination becomes completely snow covered and you may not find a way to move further. Traveling through the air becomes a suitable way of visiting in winters. Mostly the people having a passion for trekking will be found here. you may experience temperature below 0-degree Celsius.

How To Get There?

By Air

The airport to reach Ladakh is named as Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport located at Leh. The Leh airport is well connected with capital city Delhi, Jammu, and Srinagar, etc. The flights could be Air India, and Go Air. Must check flight timings as it may vary with the climatic change in Ladakh.

By Road

There are two ways to get there by road.

Srinagar To Leh

The very first way to reach Ladakh is from the valley of Kashmir via Kargil. This is located at a distance of over 400 km from Kashmir valley. This way to reach Ladakh opens for the time period between Zoji- La pass situated at a height of 11500 feet from Ladakh.

Options In Transport

  • Daily buses from normal to premium operated between Srinagar to Leh.
  • You may take a four-wheeler or a taxi from Srinagar.
  • For people traveling in a group hiring a bus is the great choice from Kargil, Leh, and Padum (Zanskar). These buses are operated through Jammu and Kashmir SRTC.

Manali To Leh

Another way to reach Ladakh is from Manali which is at a distance of 473 km from Ladakh. The way opens for the time period between June to October initial days. While traveling from Manali to Leh the journey will pass through dry lands, irregular lands, and plain lands of Rupsho, etc. These are located at a height of 2.2 miles to 2.8miles. Along with this, you will pass through Taklang-La and other heights as well. Taklang-La is considered as the second automobile road and located at a height of approx 3.2 miles above sea level.

Options In Transport

  • Daily buses operated between Manali to Leh which is administered by HRTC and Jammu and Kashmir SRTC. The entire travel will take around 2 days along with camping in Serchu and Pang,
  • Take a rented jeep or Gypsy.

Traveling Tips In Ladakh

  • Public transport is a great choice as it operates on their perfect timings. Also, public transport will not pose a burden on your pocket.
  • The rented cab is another transport but it requires the bargaining process.
  • Avail services only from authorized travel operators for your journey to Tsomoriri Lake, Nubra, Pangong Lake, Tsokar Lake, and Dah-Hanu.

Traveling Through Road Will Cover These Distances

  • Delhi To Leh: 1040+ Km
  • Srinagar To Kargil: 200+ Km
  • Srinagar To Leh: 430+ Km
  • Manali To Leh: 470+ Km
  • Leh To Kargil: 230+ Km
  • Leh To Nubra Valley: 110+ Kms.
  • Kargil To Zanskar: 240 Km

Major Tourist Attractions In Ladakh

The most popular Ladakh festival is celebrated on a grand level which attracts a larger traveler base to India. The government has taken many initiatives to increase tourism to Ladakh. The treasure of Ladakh involves Permit to visit insight areas of Ladakh such as

  • Dazzling Pangong Tso lake located at Indo-China border,
  • Baima, a rural area which follows the traditions of ancient Aryan residents and Nubra Valley. The village is located closer to Siachen Glacier at Indo-Pak border.
  • Adventure is another exciting part of Ladakh tourism. This involves Rafting in Indus river for approximately 26 km. this will fill your heart with joy.
  • Paragliding, hill climbing, trekking, skiing are turning interested in thrill seekers. The activeness of Ladakh resident makes them popular for arranging games and competitions. The game involves archery, polo, and horse controlling, etc.

Destinations You May Explore Closer To Ladakh

  • A famous village named as Skara is closer to Leh. They approach their guest by arranging the Archery game for them. Participants need to direct their arrow towards different targets. They are hosted with fruits and change which is the regional cuisine made up of Barley and jaggery beverage.
  • Nubra Valley is the second place of experience from Leh. The peaceful and rural region is situated at Indo-Pak border. The government is promoting this place for tourism now. The sky view of Ladakh seems like chains of high altitude mountains which involves Khardungla pass. This is considered as the longest pass for a road trip throughout the world. The mountains spread the rosy shade.

Nubra is recognized as the freest and continuous route which fall on the earlier silk route. Travelers got access to Nubra now. The literacy rate is quite good in this region and communicates in the Hindi language as well. The destination is the homeland of a Bactrian camel which is very unusual in the Ladakh region. Nubra is the only place where the traces of water, hills, and drylands can be experienced all together.

Destinations To Shop In Ladakh

You will not find the charm of powerful nature as in Ladakh. This is the jewel of Indian tourism. The mix of rural life, monasteries to practice Buddhism and spectacular surrounding of Ladakh fascinates travelers from bottom of their heart. Everyone who completes there journey here desires to buy things as a memory of this place with them.  These may involve curios and relics or Kashmiri Pashmina stoles, shawls or carpets, the list of things to shop in Ladakh are never-ending.

The Most Famous Things Involve

  • Carpets,
  • Dry fruits
  • Small Tibetan Memorials.
  • Handicrafts like prayer wheels, Buddhist masks, and Thangka arts.
  • Tibetan silver ornaments and
  • Ladakhi ornaments
  • Woolen clothing such as socks, gloves, and many others.
  • Apricots

The shopping destinations are huge in Ladakh. Most of the destination is available for private vendors while others operated by the local government. You will also find shops which are only operated by a group of women in Changspa, Ladakh. Bargaining is the ultimate part of a good shopping experience here. Here are the best shopping spots in Ladakh.

Moti Market

Moti Market is a renowned market established near Leh bus stop. The shopping stop is popular for buying the experience of valuable and semi-valuable gems, stones and ornaments, etc. Lamo pearls are an ancient shop.

Nowshera Bazaar

This destination has small shops and is great for buying Buddhism prayer flags and other holy things as per Buddhist traditions.

Tibetan Refugee Market

This shopping destination is great for purchasing different memorials. Apart from this, you may also buy fabrics, flags, musical bowls, chains, ornaments, prayer drums, and many other metal items. This market is well established in the middle of the town and requires high bargaining abilities.

Ladakh Art Palace

The Ladakh Art Palace was introduced in the year 1970 as a tiny shop. It was transformed into a palace due to the presence of different authentic and marked artifacts. These things are enough to attract a crowd of customers.

Tibetan Handicraft Emporium

As its name suggest this is a place where one can find an abundance of art and handiwork. This is an excellent spot to buy keepsakes and legacy things.

Dalai Lama’s Charitable Trust Handicraft Emporium

The destination is known for Pashmina Shawls, Kashmiri Carpets, woolen things as well as wooden artwork. The reason for this destination is to improve the living standard of regional art workers. Also, it inspires their dedication toward ancient art.

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