Step into a bygone era

Prepare to enjoy an behind the scenes glimpse into the carefully maintained museum collection housed at the imposing Mahrangarh Fort. One of the largest forts in India, the Mehrangarh Fort and was named after the sun deity of the Rahthore dynasty. The majestic structure boasts seven imposing gates, some of them named after famous victories that took place along the Fort’s boundary. Decades of conflict have left their mark, for example the deep depressions in the stone of Dedh Kamgra Pol gate, created by cannonballs. Half a millennium in age, the towering Fort looms 125 metres (410 feet) above the city of Jodhpur, shrouded by impenetrable stone bulwarks. Within its thick walls lies a complex of palaces set in a network of sprawling courtyards.


As the sun sets over the iridescent city of Jodhpur, head to the majestic Fort, now converted into a museum, softly illuminated by the last rays of the setting sun. Accompanied by the Mehrangarh Fort museum curator, set off on a private tour that includes personal stories and anecdotes about the various exhibits and collections. The museum features many fascinating artefacts, including an array of weapons from every period, with emperors’ swords bejewelled with jade, rubies and emeralds, paintings that exhibit the finest samples of Marwar-Jodhpur artistry and elaborate royal palanquins used by kings as a means of transport. Admire the knowledge of the curator as he shares his keen insight and unrivalled knowledge of the Fort, its war-torn history and the empires that ruled over it.


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