Travel info Bhutan

 The country of Bhutan is one of the most amazing countries in the world. Until the 1970’s it was full of restrictive policy for travelers. After that, the country realized the beauty of tourism and liberalise its tourism policy. Initially, it was a mystic country for travelers all around the world.

The country is placed in the wonder of Himalayas. The government of Bhutan has maintained the marvelous culture and environment of the country through its expert-guided tour. The country has its own rules and regulations. You can not make a trip to this place as you do for other places. It is a must to register with a local tour operator and pay per day charges.

The travelers then free to experience the beauty of this hilly empire known for its fascinating spot. Thunder Dragon is the national symbol of Bhutanese. Travelers like to have a journey to age-old monuments and acquaintance with snow leopard etc. The traveler who is not having a budget issue can go for a long trek to the Himalayas.

A great way to explore the life of Bhutanese and their belief in Buddhism. The place is definitely worth a long holiday.


Facts About Bhutan
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