Travel info Sri Lanka

Srilanka is a country of age-old wrecks and holy monuments, palm trees covered beaches, tropical woods, and regional fable. The diminishing sign of civil war and new government efforts towards reducing destruction making this sunshine covered island a great spot for tourists. Srilankan's life is governed by the sea. The seasonal changes brought with the change in drizzle air. The vibrant fishing boat offers the pleasant gift of the Indian Ocean. Also, the touching of waves to the corner of beaches makes it a perfect Indian subcontinent.


Buddhism is the main religion to be followed in Srilanka. The age-old temples and ruins of Buddha are covered by enlarged seedling brought from the tree where Buddha attained enlightenment. sometimes other religions in Srilanka faces criticism due to the majority of age-long followers. The Srilanka is covered with age-long monuments which are still considered a holy place during the festival celebration. 


The British affair can be seen in the country. The country is famous wonderful train journey through the evergreen fields, modern resorts, beaches, unique swimsuit, and bars, etc. The rare species of wildlife can be seen in the national parks. A famous place to spot a blue whale, the largest animal on the planet.


Facts About Sri Lanka
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