Travel info Maldives


The country of Maldives is a perfect mix of comfort, romance, and lush paradise. This consists of a cord of islands over the Indian ocean. The place offers great spots for diving lovers and the joy of sunshine on the peaceful beaches. The country was opened to tourism only after the 1970s. The country is majorly focusing on the hotel industry. Almost every hotel has its personal Islands. A famous place for their exotic massages and honeymoon spot. 

Some island shows their concern for families and scuba diving lovers. The factor affecting the country of heaven is global warming. This is the reason that the country is moving towards environment-friendly approaches. In spite of all the luxuries, the country is not a perfect host but a good option for the ocean and nature lovers. If the traveler left the royalism in travelling they can contribute towards long survival of Maldives beauty.

Facts About Maldives
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