Visit the vibrant tribal markets of Kanha

The park stands as the inspiration for the famed novel, The Jungle Book and just as the villages were described so vibrantly by Rudyard Kipling, in real time they do not disappoint. Tribal Markets or haats are spread around the Park’s southern periphery and surrounding villages. Traders move across the villages over different days of the week ensuring that travellers are always able to find them and savour the many delights they have on offer. Tribal villages host these markets near the Mukhi or Kisli entrances of the park and create a colourful backdrop and energy for shoppers.


Marvel at the beautifully crafted traditional goods, and pick and choose a variety of gorgeous souvenirs and mementos to take back home.  Try out new fashions and adorn yourself in colourful ethic clothing. A whirling space of business, bartering and bargaining carve your path through displays of vibrant toys, practical kitchen utensils, shimmery low cost make-up, and textured fabrics.This is an ideal opportunity to engage with locals and experience a slice of their reality as they go about their daily chores and rituals. Veggie shopping, choosing dinner ingredients and purchasing a new shirt are all just part of the local atmosphere and you will find yourself fitting into the groove remarkably easily. Happy shopping!


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