Walk in City of Lakes- Udaipur

Explore Udaipur’s bustling bazaars, set in hidden enclaves, and offering traditional jewellery made of silver and camel bone, elaborate brocades and embellished fabrics, as well as minute paintings laboriously created using rare tinctures to tell tales of Udaipur’s history and way of life. Udaipur lies in the Indian state of Rajasthan and was established nearly half a century ago, in the Rajput era. The city is positioned alongside the blue waters of Pichola Lake, and against the backdrop of the wooded Aravalli Hills. Referred to as The City of Lakes, Udaipur is renowned for its artificial bodies of water, as well as the royal City Palace, which stretches gloriously over a vast compound of palaces, landscaped gardens and courtyards decorated with sophisticated mosaics.




Begin the tour at the Gadiya Devra temple before heading off to the steps of the Gangaur Ghat, traditionally used for Hindu ceremonies. Make your way to a 150-year-old heritage art house, decorated in intricate mural paintings, and savour the decadent tastes of Indian tea and sumptuous samosas. Stroll through the mystical Sai Mandir and Jagdish temples, heading towards the ancient stepped wall of Maje-ki-Baoli, walking among traders, weavers and pottery makers, who offer you the opportunity to try your hand at the time-honoured art. Embark on a city walk in the midst of these architectural wonders and meet the city’s enchanting residents, listening to tales of Udaipur’s rich, artistic legacy. 


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